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Main Kruuz Terminal
500 Seawall Blvd Suite B Galveston, TX, 77550

Seawall Souvenirs Fleet
6026 Sewall Blvd Suite F
Galveston, TX 77551

Golf Cart - E-scooter Fleet
23500 Termini-San Luis Pass
Galveston, TX 77554

Joy Rental Fleet
3114 Seawall Blvd
Galveston, TX 77550

Galveston Golf Fleet
1919 Strand St
Galveston, TX 77550

EaDo Glass and Smoke Fleet
1018 St Emanuel St
Houston, TX 77003

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Why Partner With Kruuz?

Our In House App

Our In House built Kruuz will allow you to customize your own prices for your own private fleet. Put your store on the Kruuz map so anyone who downloads the app will see your store immediately. Customize unlock fees , per minute ride rates, pause rates, phone charging rates and create your own promotions. Create an extra income revenue and get paid weekly!

Swappable Batteries

Our scooters have swappable battery capability meaning the scooters do not have to be sent away overnight to be charged. Instead, the employee on the ground will remove the battery from the scooter and replace it with a new charged battery, therefore increasing fleet uptime and improving customer satisfaction.

Geo-fencing and Custom Zoning

Monthly Bike Service

world class scooters
We have partnered with one of the top manufacturers in the industry to produce high end scooters. Our scooters are designed for sharing platforms.


There are certain situations where we prevent the rider from locking the scooter, or parking the scooter, and as a result, the rider cannot terminate the ride. We can designate specific areas where scooters are allowed to park.


Population: Depending on the population of your city coupled with the area in square miles, we would recommend the number of scooters to be installed.


We have built our own software. Our application is user friendly.

Our in-house built software utilizes Mobility Data Specification (MDS) and General Bikeshare Feed Specification (GBFS) technologies that provide real-time status of shared vehicles. This provides data to municipalities for research and regulation to track target goals.

Maintenance and Insurance

General liability for all riders is included. We will take care of any maintenance issues, battery changes and/or customer service inquiries. Additionally, a team will be dedicated to your fleet operations to answer any questions that may arise along the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Send us a message under the contact us section under the Partner webpage and we will walk you through the process from A to Z including how to create your own fleet and customize your own prices.

Absolutely! We customize logos for private properties, buildings and stores. You can put your logo anywhere on the scooter and we can help guide you what the best parts are.

Easy - once customers download the Kruuz app (iPhone or Android), they will be able to see the scooters instantly as long as you have set your fleet to be public. If you would like to have your scooters show exclusively for specific customers, you can provide a private fleet code to your customers.

A loud automatic alarm will sound. You will be able to track the scooter's location at all times from your private login and on the map. All scooters have a backup battery that will track the location for up to 2 weeks after the original battery dies out.

All scooters come with a 6 month warranty. The scooter's life expectancy is at least 5 years - that is how long they have been on the market and still continue to do well.